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# A princess problem chapter 6 #
On the next day
As planned,  the three dragon and their heirds were already going towards the castle,  natsu was more determinated to bring his princess back more than ever.
 - why cant we just fly to there? - Metalicana complained
 - why old man? Too old to walk?
 - shut up brat.
 - just think,  we have to spare our streght for later if needed. -Grandine rolled her eyes at the two.
 - But... I can't fight like them -a small voice coming from wendy was heard.
Natsu ruffled her hair.
 - Don't worry,  we'll need someone to heal and help us, you think you can do it? - The pink haired showed a grin and the girl nodded.
 - I'll do my best to help. I have a plan. But natsu can't stay like that.
 - what do you mean wendy? - Natsu asked,  sensing a dark aura surronding the small girl,  an aura rare to her

 - -----------------------------------
 At the same time the princess was starting to wake up,  her breakfast at her side. Lucy tried to bring a smile to her face but soon, a prince stole her tought, and the smile vanished.  She tried to found natsu making herself believe this was a dream and he was joking but fast she realized. This wasnt a dream,  she was going to marry someone who wasnt natsu.
 - Natsu,  you will come for me?
 - aye
 -you also believe he'll come,  right happy?
The cat looked at her as let another aye,  as he understood the conversation.
- princess? - A man asked, knocking at the door.
 - come in.
An orange haired man open the door.
 - So it's true,  you returned home.
 - home isn't here loke it's at his arms. Wow I'm really in love.
 - so you finally heard your feeling for me -loke said running to hug the blonde.
She dodged easily, causing loke to "hug" the floor.
 - Sorry,  it seems you don't know.
 - know what? Princess what happened.
 - short story,  I was found unconcious by natsu that later become my boyfriend and then my father tells me I have to marry gray
 - that sucks
 - I know right?
 - of course, what has that natsu that I don't have?
 - well,  he's a dragon.
 blink...blink... Blink
 - WHAT?
 - and I tought you liked one of the maids,  what was her name? - Lucy pretended to think Hard - aries was it?
 - w-what do you mean princess? You're the only one for me - he shuttered,  his face red.
 - loke I'm not in mood for this. Now get out I want to dress up.
 - ok, I came just to say you have a person who wants to see you,  he's waiting on the Ball room.
 - thanks - she sighed as loke leave the room.
In the Ball room
 - Right,  tonight prince gray will come here and the castle is in party,  that explains why this place is fully decorated - the blonde walked through the room to find a young man in the end,  he probably was in his twenty,  he had blonde hair and red eyes. Lucy Altough being madly in love with natsu she couldnt tear her eyes away from him.
 - Hello? - The man,  who seemed in deep toughts was now fully awake with the blonde's sweet voice- you were looking for me?
 - actually yes - his voice,  where could I have heard it? Lucy thought. - I wanted to warn you
 - from what
 - tonigh you're going to be kidnaped.
 - h-how do you know?
 - because I'll be the one taking you away.  

 - -------------------------------------------------------
 So, who do you think this crazy man is?  Any guess?  And you think lucy's gonna stay still and let him kidnap her?  Altough I don't think it's kidnap if she wants to get out with some cute guy...

I'm so sorry for not having upload nothing of this story,  I've having many problems,  sorry,  I'll try to upload the faster I can.


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